Beattie & Blythe (2020 Program)

Kerrville New Folk winners - songs ranging from heartfelt ballads to lively pop-infused anthems.
Stage 1 – Performers / 12:00 - 1:00

Greg Beattie and Victoria Blythe

On festival day, watch and hear Beattie and Blythe at   

in a special performance for our 2020 online festival!

“Singer/songwriters Greg Beattie and Victoria Blythe combine folk, jazz, blues, and country into an incredible mix that is both fresh and timeless. They have performed for over two decades as a duo and as the core of the new-folk group Calaveras (

Their songs have captured the Kerrville New Folk prize, grand prize in the West Coast Songwriters International song contest, the Napa Valley Emerging Songwriter award, West Coast Songwriter’s Association Song of the Year honors and have appeared in TV shows and movies. They have released three albums, and Victoria has released a solo album.

Their live show is a mix of Victoria’s soaring, ethereal vocals and hauntingly beautiful fiddle on pure folk ballads and sultry jazz-fusion torch songs and Greg’s energetic and insightful musical treatment of birth, death and everything in between.