Bonnie Lockhart/Hali Hammer (2021 Program)

Song Swap
Family Program / 1:30 - 2:30

Bonnie’s life in music includes her devotion to diverse folk traditions as well as jazz. As a vocalist and pianist, she has recorded, performed, and toured from New York to Nicaragua with various ensembles blending her eclectic musical passions since the early 1970’s. Bonnie currently presents interactive concerts, Songs and Music Games from Around the World, for children and families in libraries, schools, and community centers. Bonnie is a widely anthologized songwriter whose compositions appear in Rise Up Singing and on children’s recordings by Gary Lapow, Adam Miller, Sarah Pirtle, Betsy Rose, Lisa Atkinson and her own CDs for children, Dreams, Drums, & Green Thumbs, and Blue Skies for Children. You can learn more about Bonnie, her performances and recordings at Bonnie is an avid member and past board president of The Children’s Music Network, a national organization of musicians and educators promoting empowerment of children through music. Learn more about CMN at

Hali Hammer is an award-winning singer-songwriter and retired teacher. She often brought music into the classrooms where she worked and loves singing children’s songs, especially with children!!!

Here’s a video with some highlights of the kid’s songs people shared: