Sadie Damascus (2021 Program)

Family Program / 1:00 - 1:30
Sadie Damascus grew up in North Bennington, VT, third child of two writers.  She has lived in CA for forty years, twenty-four of them on the Russian River.  She has occupied herself doing editing, gardening, art, teaching, publishing, writing, childcare, theater, improv, playing poker, cooking, singing, putting on two weekly radio shows (“The Laughing Lady Show” for thirteen years, and “Traditional Ballads with Sadie” for three years) and instigating mischief and fun.  She has three to six kids and three ex-husbands (finally found a good one!),  Sadie has sung since age three, mostly folk songs (blues, ballads, gospel, comic songs, odd things, and old traditional songs permitted at the Renaissance Fair) and hundreds of love songs her mother taught her.  She adores Zoom singing sessions and festivals and does not want them to stop.

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