Celtic Tunes Instrumental: Learning tunes on Various Instruments, Including in DADGAD Tuning

Yvette O’Tannenbaum and Murphy
Workshops / 6:00 - 7:00

Celtic Tunes Instrumental: learning tunes on various instruments, including fiddle, penny whistle, and mandolin, as well as guitar in DADGAD tuning,

Some individual tutoring will be provided. Guitarists, please tune to DADGAD at least 2 hours before the workshop (Tune 1st and 6th string from E to D. Tune 2nd string from B to A.)

Yvette fluently plays many instruments.  Although she plays and sings in a number of genres and instruments, the magic of Celtic Instrumental music has a special place in her heart.  She is a longtime mainstay of the Sunday Celtic music evenings at the Starry Plow in Berkeley.  She leads a Celtic Band named THE IROIDS which is playing at the FAIRFAX FESTIVAL OF IRISH MUSIC & DANCE on Saturday, Oct. 21st at REVOLUTION, right next door to Nave’s Bar, around 3pm